As the Drupal Architect for Skypostal, lead company in the private mail and parcel delivery network field, I was responsible to design, develop and currently maintain the Drupal infrastructure of their main websites including Puntomio.com which is a Service Oriented Architecture Drupal website, migrated from an old .Net platform, and designed exclusively to operate by consuming SOAP Web Services exposed by an Oracle backend platform. 

Built in using Drupal 7 and running on a LAMP + Varnish infrastructure, Puntomio.com is a Multilingual and Multi-domain website that serves tons of multiple Commercial Partners of Skypostal that run the same business logic through the main Puntomio site with different theme in some cases and different page content.

The site provides the registered users with the following tools so they can smoothly handle:

  • Account Information. 
  • Upload Invoice tool.
  • Package Tracking Information. 
  • Billing Information. 
  • Custom 3-step registration process. 
  • Personal Shopper tool.
  • Package Consolidation tool.
  • Contact us.

All the described tools work by implementing:

  • Custom API connector to the Oracle backend Web Services.
  • Custom Node API that allows administrators page overrides per Commercial Partner.
  • Custom Web Service API for logging  and debugging SOAP calls.
  • Intense use of Drupal custom themes, Custom Forms, Ajax framework, Drupal Tokens and more.
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