openid connect extras

OpenID Connect Extras

OpenID Connect Extras is a Drupal contributed module that I developed and I'm currently maintaining at Drupal.org.
Intended to expand the OpenID Connect functionality in Drupal, this module extends the OpenID Connect Drupal module capabilities by implementing these missing additions: 

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As the Drupal Architect for Skypostal, lead company in the private mail and parcel delivery network field, I was responsible to design, develop and currently maintain the Drupal infrastructure of their main websites including Puntomio.com which is a Service Oriented Architecture Drupal website, migrated from an old .Net platform, and designed exclusively to operate by consuming SOAP Web Services exposed by an Oracle backend platform. 

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As a Senior Drupal Developer I was able to help the Domain 7 team in partnership with Acquia, to build up a very ambitious project on Drupal 8 for the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Was in charge of design and develop critical areas of the site that included:

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LMI Technologies

LMI is a Drupal 8 site, multi-lingual and multi-domain as well, together with the ImageXMedia Team, I was able to design a develop custom modules to create custom view formatters, custom language switcher alters and custom node access restrictions. Work included Twig template theming for custom outputs, custom block types and Panelizer layouts.

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