Project Share

Senior Drupal Developer, helped implementing several functionalities for the site including:
Quizes and Multi-steps forms with Ctools.
OpenidConnect implementation for Single Sign On support and integration with other applications.
Worked directly with Gluu who was the company offering the Identity Provider service.

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Hired as a Technical Architect, I was able to help the ETF Team with their CMS migration from a old Joomla implementation to a fresh Drupal 7 site, covering the following topics:
Mentorship of the development team.
Content migration from Joomla and other sources such as JSON files using cron jobs and the Migrate module.

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cisco affiliates portal

Cisco Affiliate Portal

This is a Drupal 7 implementation for internal use only of the Cisco Affiliates.
Worked as a Team Lead and Drupal Senior Developer, I was able to desgin and implement some critical functionalities of the site including:

Using Organic Groups, developed the landing pages for each Affiliate Portal.
Events with "Add to Calendar" functionality.
Location for events and location search.

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This is an educational site where registered teachers or students can see share content through a friendly interface. Developed under Drupal 7, I was able to help as a Senior Developer on creating some aspects of the theming as well as a custom functionality called Organisations Licensing administration Tool which was in charge of managing the level of access and licences provided to each Organizations or groups of Schools that wanted to be part of Insync.

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